Making Transformation Fun Since 2018

We believe that change is an inside job. Sober Buzz supports sobriety as a lifestyle. Finding motivation to get sober can be daunting for most of us. We at Sober Buzz have been there for all those on the path to recovery, since February 2018.

Keep Your Motivation High


In order to lead a sober life, you need to keep your motivation high. Support from a local sober community helps maintain a sense of inspiration and motivation. At Sober Buzz we help you with adopting a healthy lifestyle, exercising and learning better breathing techniques to maintain a sober lifestyle. We also connect you to online support groups like #SoberAF and Sober Movement.

First Step To Recovery


Everyone knows that admitting our true state with honesty is the first step to recovery. We have to summon enough faith in ourselves to step through the doors of a treatment center, walk away from our most habitual patterns, and even detach from our regular lifestyle.


Celebrate Your Journey


But sobriety need not be about being staid too. You can have a modern, hip lifestyle. Celebrate your journey to sobriety with our sobriety clothing and give your loved ones recovery gifts from our collection. Make transformation fun!

About Dawn


Dawn is a sober entrepreneur, wife, mother and optimist dedicated to spreading positivity and the job she found in being sober. Life doesn’t happen when you least notice it; it happens with presence of mind and conscious living. 


Experience and promote the joy of being sober with Sober Buzz.

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